Roles and Responsibility for Judging


Each participant is to come up with a video presentation of 5 max and in AVI format only. Completed video presentation and registration form will have to submit online by the close registration date whereby the judges will do their own screening and determine which participants are qualified to enter the CICTA competition.


Each judge is required to fill in the Judges Registration form and the Judges Declaration form. The judging score sheet and judging guideline will be emailed to each respective judge. For the 1st Judging selection, details of how log on to YouTube will be given by CICTA Secretariat including the participant list.

Since the 1st judging selection will be done online and presentation before judge, therefore each judge is required to view the presentation on YouTube. The presentation will take place on the 25th​​ May 2017

For the second judging competition, which will take place on 15th June 2017, this will be carried by a series of appointed judges from various organizations.