Judging Process

The CICTA judging process is given into 2 parts;

  1. First round of selection (online presentation) – The first round of selection is done through online. Participants will have to give their completed registration form and video presentation whereby;

  2. a) The registration forms will be emailed to respective judges.

    b) Video presentation will be uploaded to Youtube.com for the judges to make their judging.

Participants are required to submit their registration forms, video presentations and any other supporting documents (pamphlet and / or brochure) before the deadline for registration on the​​ 15 May 2017.
The semi final will be started on 25 May 2017. All participants require to make presentation before the judges.

Final round of Competition (live presentation) – Based on the results of the first selection, shortlisted participants (top two of each the 6 categories) will be required to do presentation in front of the respective CICTA judges.

Details of the final round of competition will be given to the shortlisted participants through email by the CICTA secretariat. The result of the final competition will only be reveal during the CICTA Prize Ceremony.

All the shortlisted and applied participants are required to attend the CICTA Award Ceremony on 15 June 2017. From there then participants will know whether they are receiving the 1st place, 2nd place or 3rd place.