Award Categories


I.  Public Sector

    1. Any application software, hardware or its combination that enables more efficient, effective, transparent and low cost Government Operations; or provides the best and valuable services to the public.

    2. The application can be developed by a private institution, government institution or government owned companies funded by the Government or Foreign donors, and can still be in the pilot implementation stage. The application may not necessary be in full-scale implementation but the Government Institution or Public Services Institution should already be using it.

    3. Applications that have been developed to be used by State Owned Company or Government Owned Company for commercial purposes are not included under this category.


  1. Recognition of application implementation by the respective Government Agency must be presented during the application

II. Private Sector

  1. Any application software, hardware or its combination that serves the needs of the private sector such as Industrial Application, e-Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Finance Industry Application, Communication, e-Health, Tourism and Hospitality, etc.

  2. The company must be registered in Cambodia.

  3. The company can be 100% local company. For joint ventures between a local company and foreign company, the shareholder/s from Cambodia must hold at least 51% of the total shares.


III. Corporate Social Responsibility

  1. To advance the community

  2. Bridge the digital divide – transforming the life of the citizens

  3. Can be implemented by corporate or government


IV. Digital Content

  1. Any application software, hardware or its combination that provides management and technical support to the news and entertainment industry such as Television Broadcasting, Radio Broadcasting, Cinema, Live Entertainment, Publishing, Newspaper, Internet News, Games.

  2. The technology innovation to develop advance human characterization in the animation film.


V. Start-up Company

  1. Company is founded less than 3 years from the date of CICTA competition with/out local business registration

  2. Founder of the company and or the product developers must be the major shareholder of the company

  3. The company must not be a subsidiary of a well-established parent company.


VI. Research and Development

Any ICT research and creation from university, research institution or company that discover or invent new knowledge, processes, product and services that meets the demands of the market:

  1. have no customer yet or available in customer site

  2. the product is still less than year of its product completion

  3. Can demonstrate its features and functionality (even if not fully completed)

  4. Self-funding (internal funding) or customer/user funding

  5. Intellectual Property Rights belongs to the owner/creator (either self or by the company)