General Judging Criteria

I. Public Sector

  1. Best usage of ICT

  2. Lowering the Cost

  3. Improve efficiency and effectiveness in offering Public Services

  4. Excellent Return on Investment (ROI)

  5. Government agency – has been well implemented and able to show result of true

  6. Implementation

  7. Minimum 6 months of implementation

  8. Number of entries or usages, campaign and program of implementation


II. Private Sector

  1. Lowering Cost

  2. Reduce Business Operation Cost

  3. Increase Business Efficiency and improve Revenue

  4. Using ICT as a strategic business tool

  5. Show market campaign

  6. Improve capacity of handling or occupancy

  7. Good Customer feedback

  8. Show Results Before and After Implementation


III. Corporate Social Responsibility

Any application software, hardware or its combination to support local community with the aim to improve the wellbeing, quality of life and standard of living of the community with the ultimate intent to bridge the digital divide.


IV. Digital Content

The following criteria will be considered in assessment:

  1.  Concept of the content should be:

    • Creative and appealing;

    • Unique value proposition; and

    • Demonstrate export potential/universality

  2.  Business potential of the proposed content, among others, is its ability to be exploited through different platforms/channels, business model, market size, marketing strategies, potential revenues and subscribers.

  3.  Operational capacity of the applicants, among others, is key manpower experiences, technical and technology knowledge and strategic collaborations with any third parties and financial commitments and investments


V. Start-Up Company

  1. Value proposition

  2. Before and after scenario

  3. Key Result Areas – Competitiveness

  4. Transparency and effectiveness


VI. Research and Development

  1. Reacting to the demand from public and customer

  2. The product has a good potential to be commercialized Effectiveness

  3. Well-defined product